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        Guizhou Kaiyuan Mining Co., Ltd., founded in May, 2016, is located in Hezhang City, Guizhou. It is one of wholly-owned companies with 100 million yuan registered capital in Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd., and its main business covers nonferrous metal mines in exploitation, selection, processing, purchases and sales, etc.

        In 2016, Guizhou Kaiyuan Mining Co., Ltd. invested 95 million yuan with wholly-owned or holding three mining rights of Jiangjiawanzi, from Xiqian Ditch to Laojundong lead-zinc ore, and Tonghong Mountain lead-zinc-iron ore, and one exploration right of Liangyan lead-zinc ore in Hezhang City. The area of mining rights and exploration is 12.95 square kilometers. The diggings all lies in the Yadu-Mang copper ore block of Ziyun-Yadu lead-zinc metallogenic belt’s middle block. The belt has a huge potential, rich resources and a large exploitation value. Through signing the strategic cooperation agreement with Bijie Municipal Government, taking Hezhang City as centre, the company will have finished investing 5 billion yuan in projects. Using rich resources in lead-zinc mine, it will gradually expand the area of exploration right to more than 50~80 square kilometers by integrating mine resources in wholly-owned acquisition, participation, holding cooperation or other ways. It will build a modern mine and separation concentrator with mining and beneficiating 5000 ton lead-zinc ore a day, and invest and construct 200 thousand ton/year zinc’s smelt and processing projects. At that time, the company’s annual output value will have achieved to 8.5 billion yuan, and profit and tax will have achieved 600 million yuan.

        Guizhou Kaiyuan Mining Co., Ltd. takes “grasping resources, grasping geological prospecting, grasping capital operation” as the development strategy, takes “mine and geology in first, exploration and mining in combination, exploration and construction in combination” as main work ideas, and adhere to the tenet of “setting up the idea of low carbon, building a new type of green mine”. It will take the investment and financing platform of Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. as basis to face challenges and seize opportunities. It will use the fighting spirit of “Time and tide wait for no man” to try our best to establish the whole industry chain of the mine exploitation, and lay a good foundation in order that the Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. can be early built a comprehensive and international group enterprise.




        固 話:+86-379-6996 1666
        郵 箱:kyjt@kykyjt.com
        地 址:洛陽市洛龍區開元大道269號


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